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What makes the Timber Mill different?

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In depth knowledge

The key individual behind The Timber Mill is John William Jones. His extensive and unique mix of qualifications and experience with wood from forestry through to final form, gives him an in depth knowledge of all species of timber. He understands its qualities, durabilities and characteristics, which makes him an expert in his field and our Customers benefit from this breadth and depth of knowledge when they take his products and services.

Fully qualified & 32 years of experience  

John has over 32 years of experience - and his qualifications include:-

  • City & Guilds Advanced Craft Carpentry & Joinery

  • & City & Guilds Construction Crafts

  • Science In Construction, Building Maths, Principles of Construction, Surveying & Levelling.

He has worked for Winston Joinery in Stoke on Trent and Woodstock Furniture in Winchester, notable suppliers of purpose made bench joinery and quality furniture and kitchens respectfully. In 2000, John decided to pursue his increasing interest in trees and forestry and went to Sparsholt College in Hampshire where he completed a HND in Forestry and Low Land Management with Distinction.

John identified a unique opportunity to combine both his joinery and forestry skills and establish a company that offered the best in both of these areas. After working in Hampshire for 15 years and following a desire to return to Cornwall, the Timber Mill has now relocated from Hampshire back to Cornwall and is focusing on bespoke Carpentry & Joinery products and services.

Saftey & Insurance

CIS Gold Card for Carpentry & Joinary.

Qualified to remove certain types of asbestos.

Full product and public liability.

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