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  • Fire Door Responsibilities 

    • Fire doors are one of the most significant fire safety features in your building, providing a physical barrier from fire and smoke.​

    • When installed, maintained and checked properly, fire doors can slow down the movement of fire, the damage it can cause and save lives.​

    • The Responsible Person needs to arrange regular inspections and ensure that their fire doors are properly maintained so they perform as expected should a fire occur.​

  • We are a BM TRADA certified company: which means we have been fully trained by BM Trada in the installation and maintenance of fire doors and follow their recommended processes in all the fire door work we do. We are audited twice a year to ensure that we maintain standards.​

  • We are here to help: We work as a team with our clients. When we follow the correct techniques and processes for installing and maintaining your fire doors and you follow the guidance we provide, you can feel more confident of fulfilling your legal duties and responsibilities in respect of your fire doors.



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